Thursday, July 1, 2010

And the CakeOff Winner Is...

Not sure if y'all have noticed but AF has been on summer vacation for the past couple of weeks. But never fear - we're back and ready to announce the winner of The Great Atlanta CakeOff!

Remember our last post from like a month ago? Anywhoo, we were invited by the folks at Hands on Atlanta to attend a friendly competition among some local pastry hounds. All CakeOff contestants were asked to bake and decorate a multi-tiered cake that represented the mission of Hands on Atlanta and recognized the organization's 20 years of service to the community.

And now, a photo essay of the winners (all photography by Jack Miller of Jack Miller Photography, who did a much better job behind the camera than we did):

Aisha Cheeks and her hard-working partner from The Cake Closet beat out the competition to take first place with their creative and colorful school house/tool box cake.
Props also went to Shellane Pickett and the team from Apple Butter Bakery, who was named the Runner-Up. Check out the details! We loved the painted fingernails and the funky jewelry on the hands.

Kelli Taranto from the Ritz-Carlton won the Audience Favorite Award. We watched as one of Kelly's assistants painstakenly applied about a billion little silver sugar beads to the middle layer, invoking the twinkling lights of Atlanta's skyline.

Congratulations to the winners and happy birthday to Hands on Atlanta!

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