Friday, March 12, 2010

Inman Park Restaurant Week Review: Sotto Sotto

It truly is a wonderful week to eat in Atlanta. Not only is Buckhead currently holding its restaurant week, but so is Inman Park.

During Inman Park Restaurant Week, 13 of the neighborhood's best dining establishments are offering special prix fixe, three-course menus at $15, $25 or $35, as dictated by each restaurant. The event will benefit the Believe in Me Foundation, which supports the education and welfare of children with autism. At the Affordable Foodie, we refuse to miss out on an event that combines food and charity, so we rounded up a group to join us at Sotto Sotto last night for an authentic Italian meal.

Like many of the restaurants participating in IP Restaurant Week, Sotto Sotto is offering a broad array of choices at varying price points by giving diners the option between a $25 and a $35 prix fixe menu. Our group chose the $25 menu and enjoyed some amazing dishes like a salad of blood oranges, fennel, arugula and Ligurian black olives dressed in lemon and olive oil, fresh strands of pappardelle coated in a braised duck ragu and handmade tagliatelle with wild mushrooms.

Among our group of four, we sampled all of three of the desserts that are offered on the Restaurant Week menu. The clear winner was the warm Belgian chocolate soup with croutons and hazelnut whipped cream. This is one of Sotto Sotto's most popular desserts, and we can see why. The slightly salty, crunchy croutons serve as the perfect counterpoint to the creamy, melted chocolate. The best part - the chef serves the sippable dessert in a coffee cup, so you can easily enjoy every last drop.

p.s. Thanks to our outgoing friend, Sam, we have a date with chatty owner Riccardo Ullio who offered to give us a lesson on how to make fresh pasta!

All good things must come to an end, and for Inman Park Restaurant Week, you're looking at this Sunday, March 14. Check out the special menus and make your reservations now!


  1. Sexxxytime date or "in a platonic manner show me how to make pasta so I can write about it" date?

    I guess both would make for an interesting read!

  2. Ha ha! Chef Ullio initiated the date with Sam, so I'm not sure exactly what he has in mind...we'll have to wait and see!

  3. We'll be handrolling Tuscan pasta and sipping wine - at least that's what I imagine he meant by a "pasta party." Plus, the Moms will be there, so no funny stuff!