Thursday, March 11, 2010

Atlanta a la Cart: Support the Street Food Movement

Christiane Lauterbach, the well-respected editor of Knife & Fork, wants you to know that Atlanta is missing out on a major national trend: food carts and trucks. She's started an interesting blog called Atlanta Food Carts (duh) to educate hungry Atlantans on the reasons why our fair city is behind the culinary curve.

From the "About" section of the blog:

"Born of frustration, started in hope, nourished by memories of delicious street food eaten al fresco in other American cities (Portland, New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Orleans among them), this blog would like to document a budding Atlanta scene inhibited so far by existing regulations adverse to the process."

Don't you want to see Jenny Levison of Souper Jenny take her business on the road to a neighborhood near you? Wouldn't it be great if you could buy a steaming hot breakfast burrito courtesy of the guys from Tacqueria del Sol on the street below your high-rise office in Midtown?

At AF, we believe there's nothing better than spending an average of $5 for a delicious lunch straight from the sidewalk. Join us and sign Lauterbach's petition to help bring casual, affordable, delicious food options to the streets of the ATL.

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  1. Heck yeah. I agree and I'm in. Somehow food from a mobile restaurant tastes divine and satisfies hunger like no other. Maybe it's the immediacy of it.