Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News Flash: Time to Stock Up on Wine at Whole Foods

Heads up wine lovers! Whole Foods offers 20 percent off cases of wine a few times of year, and all stores are holding a Spring sale from April 26 through May 2. Here's how it works: put together a collection of 12 bottles that you like and see significant savings at the register. You can mix and match 12 or more bottles, and the discount even applies to sale prices. There are a few exceptions (like Veuve Clicqout), but most vintages are eligible and there are great deals to be had. I picked up a bottle of Redtree, a fantastic pinot noir out of St. Helena, California, last night for only $7.99. Kinger and I are going back later this week to put together a case of cheap bottles and split the cost. Call to reserve a case or stop by your neighborhood Whole Foods and talk to one of the wine specialists, who will order and set aside your wine. Happy drinking!


  1. Amazing deal! I'm going to head there tonight. Thanks girls!

  2. Did y'all know that up here in the wilds of East Tennessee you cannot even purchase wine in the grocery store? So annoying. Buy a lot of wine, and I will come down and drink it with y'all!

  3. Molly, you've got to try the Redtree - you'll love it! Samma, we'll save a couple bottles for your next visit :)